12 Wooden Toys You're Baby Will Love
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12 Wooden Toys You’re Baby Will Love

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There are so many wonderful reasons to buy wooden baby toys for your baby.

In addition to being more durable than plastic toys, natural wooden toys also encourage children to play more creatively.

They can also be a safer alternative to traditional plastic toys because they are typically harder to break and are more environmentally friendly toys than their plastic counterparts.

Not to mention that wooden toys are often a more beautiful addition to your home.

Melissa and Doug

You might think that wood toys are more expensive but they often aren’t and, when you consider their longer life, are a much better addition to your toy box!

For this year’s gifts, consider buying one of these twelve wooden toys for your baby – I’m sure they’ll love it!


Push and Pull Toy

Your toddler will surely enjoy this cute wooden push and pull toy, which comes in a variety of adorable animal shapes. The pull-along cord makes it great for walkers and the easy-to-grip handle makes it fun for sitters to roll across the floor.

Wood Walker

Featuring three chomping alligators, spinning butterflies and ladybug beads, this cute wood walker is sure to engage your toddler as they play. They can push the walker around using the sturdy handle or sit on the floor and play with the fun wooden characters – either way, they’ll have a blast!


Natural Teethers

Give your baby a safe teething option with this cute set of wooden teethers. In addition to helping ease your baby’s teething pain, these wooden teethers will also help them improve their hand and eye coordination.

Pounder and Xylophone

What toddler doesn’t love to pound on something?  Give them a toy to channel that pounding energy while developing hand-eye coordination at the same time.  This award winning musical pounding toy includes a slide out xylophone for unending pounding possibilities!


Name Puzzle

Kids love puzzles.  This wood name puzzle is not only beautiful and fun, but it also will help them start to recognize the letters in their name.  This puzzle will provide years of learning and fun with spelling, letter recognition, and name recognition.

Eco-Friendly Beach Toys

Bamboo beach toys are the beach toys you don’t have to worry about being lost in the ocean. They break down into harmless organic matter in a little over a year which makes them a whole lot more ocean-friendly than plastic toys.

Wooden Cars Set

Hape makes such beautiful toys and this car is no different!  Your baby will love these well made wood toys into their toddlerhood.  With bright colors and finger holes to push and pull for tons of imaginative play.

Penguin Musical Toy

Another Hape!  This is a fun one that wobbles and spins as it plays a built in bell.  Made of wood with child-safe paint that you and your baby will love.  This penguin will likely be a favorite!

Stacking Blocks

These blocks are a classic baby toy, not to mention they’re beautiful!  Made of natural beechwood and water-based paints along with a canvas carrying bag.

Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy

This is one that has been a favorite in our house for years now!  The bright colors are engaging and there are so many ways to use the pieces.  Motor skills, colors, size differentiation, and imaginative play are all ways we have used the stacker in the 3 years we’ve had it.

Peg Dolls

Grimm’s toys have an excellent reputation and peg dolls are wonderful for imaginative play.  For babies, they’re easy to grasp and the bright colors are appealing.  I love that these come with their own storage tray.  These make a great 1st birthday gift!

Wooden Egg Shakers

These colorful wooden eggs with organic beads inside are a great way to introduce rhythms and music to your baby.  Made of wood and eco-friendly paints for hours of fun!

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