38 Bach Flower Remedies for Holistic Medicine at Home
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38 Bach Flower Remedies for Holistic Medicine at Home

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Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in the 1930s by Edward Bach.

Dr. Bach was a bacteriologist, focused on prevention, diagnosis, and prognosis of diseases.

Bach often questioned known scientific theories of the time. He was especially fascinated by the mechanism of contagion; how does one person get sick when exposed to a germ while another equally healthy person does not?

This curiosity led him to look for alternative methods of healing. That led to the formulation of the Bach Flower Remedies.

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Dr. Bach firmly believed in the mind-body connection that is the basis of many alternative healing theories.

He concluded that the mind played a vital role in maintaining our health. Because of that, intuitive medicines, such as the Bach Flower Remedies, aim to align your mind and body, and to improve the function of your brain in creating optimal health.

The remedies were developed in a very simple way.

If Dr. Bach was feeling a certain way, such as sad or mad, or fighting a particular illness or ailment, he would hold his hand over a flower.

If he felt better after connecting to the energy of that flower, he would distill the essence of the flower and use it to treat the ailment or emotion he was experiencing.

If not, he moved onto the next flower. Originally, Dr. Bach would capture the dew that formed on the flowers shortly after sunrise, believing that the resulting water carried the vibrational energy of the plant.

This water would be diluted into a 50:50 mixture with brandy.

That tincture would be further diluted with alcohol in order to be sold in smaller bottles.

Over time, Dr. Bach realized that the dew method was not the most cost-effective way to gather the water necessary for his remedies.

He began infusing the flowers in water, in sunlight, to trigger the flowers to imbue their essence into the water.

Today, there are thirty-eight individual essences, and a variety of synergistic essences and teas available for purchase.

The most famous of the Bach Flower Essences is Rescue Remedy, which is an essence designed to give an immediate calming effect.

They work similarly to homeopathic remedies, but the method of delivery and how the work with the brain and body is different.

Our family uses Bach Flower Remedies on a regular basis.

We know there is a connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Our entire body plays a role in our health, including our mindset and our emotions. Bach Flower Remedies work on a cellular level to improve our whole body health.

I originally began using the remedies when I was a child and rediscovered them when I was pregnant.

I was having some anxiety and stress, and I wanted something that could help calm me down but that would be gentle and ok for the baby as well.

It was important for me to find an all-natural solution instead of just asking the doctor for a prescription.

I was hopeful that my anxiety would be a temporary situation that would resolve itself once the baby was here and healthy.

Sure enough, Rescue Remedy helped me, not only as a daily supplement added to my drinking water, but on an as-needed basis when things got rough.

While I was correct in my thinking that my anxiety would be fine once I was no longer pregnant, I kept the Rescue Remedy around for those stressful moments in life.

I’ve used the pet version for cross country moves or introducing a new pet to the family.

I’ve used the kid version during times of tantrums, teething, and minor injuries (especially when there’s fear or shock involved).

I’ve used the regular version during pregnancy, labor, and when feeling stressed or worried about anything!

The nearly immediate calm it can bring in these situations is really remarkable.

The long term peace it has brought to myself and my family is, in many ways, a miracle when stress is high and patience is short.

I’ve found that they are a great addition to our natural medicine cabinet.

When one of the kids is having a bad day or teething, Bach’s Flower Remedies are one of my first lines of defense.

Because I buy the essences ready to dispense, they are a quick and easy solution to occasional acute issues. I can use them as a first step to take the edge off of a situation if I need some time to steep some tea or find a better long-term remedy.

They are perfect for our family.

If you are wanting to experiment with adding the flower essences to your natural medicine chest, I highly recommend that you start with the Rescue Remedy.

Once you see the work this essence can do for your stress levels, you will enthusiastically branch out to try some of the other essences!

So, what are the 38 Back Flower Remedies?

  1. Agrimony – this is for communication.  If you’re struggling to let your true thoughts and feelings out this might be just what you need!
  2. Aspen – if you’re feeling insecure, this remedy can help you regain confidence to face your fears.
  3. Beech – gotta difficult person to deal with?  This remedy can help your patience and tolerance towards others.
  4. Centaury – when you’re having a hard time saying no, setting boundaries, and not meeting your own needs, this remedy can help you to be more assertive.
  5. Cerato – this remedy helps you to trust your intuition.
  6. Cherry Plum – this is especially helpful in chaotic or stressful situations and will help you stay calm and think clearly so you can stay in control.
  7. Chestnut Bud – when you make the same mistakes over and over but can’t seem to process the lesson this remedy can help you to understand and learn from them while moving forward
  8. Chickory – this remedy helps us to love others unconditionally.  If you’re struggling with becoming a helicopter mom this can be really helpful to be able to take a step back to selfless love.
  9. Clematis – a remedy for the daydreamers!  Clematis can help you find focus and keep on task.
  10. Crab Apple – struggling with your new mom bod or those few imperfections that just won’t go away?  This remedy can help you accept your imperfections and feel more acceptance.
  11. Elm – if you’re feeling overwhelmed, elm can really help to handle it and be more efficient.
  12. Gentian – this remedy can help you deal with upsets and negativity.
  13. Gorse – is helpful when you need more hope.
  14. Heather – is for when you need help listening and empathizing
  15. Holly – this remedy can help with feelings of jealousy and suspicion by replacing them with generosity and goodwill.
  16. Honeysuckle – if you’re feeling stuck in the past, honeysuckle can help you move forward and live in the present.
  17. Hornbeam – procrastination can really drag you down, counteract it with hornbeam and face each day with confidence and energy.
  18. Impatiens – just like it’s name suggests, this remedy is for feelings of impatience.  This can help you slow down and react to situations with more patience.
  19. Larch – this remedy can help boost your confidence so you can try new things with confidence and determination.
  20. Mimulus – courage and facing fears is the goal of this remedy.  This can be especially helpful for people dealing with shyness.
  21. Mustard – if you’re feeling gloomy, mustard can help you feel joy again!
  22. Oak – feeling tired but the need to push through?  Oak can help you keep your inner strength up while also recognizing your need to recharge and know your limits.
  23. Olive – after you’ve pushed through and it’s time to recharge, olive can help you regain your inner strength and mental energy.
  24. Pine – this remedy is helpful for people struggling with guilt and self-blame (hello, motherhood!).  Pine can help you accept and respect yourself while letting go of those overwhelming feelings.
  25. Red Chestnut – as moms, it seems like worry just comes with the territory.  Red Chestnut can help you to let go of the fear and worry for your loved ones while caring for them with compassion.
  26. Rock Rose – this is a great remedy to have in your family first aid kit!  This remedy is meant to help you face emergencies with courage, calm, and strength.
  27. Rock Water – a remedy for the perfectionists!  If you’re needing some flexibility and acceptance of new things, this might be the right remedy for you.
  28. Scleranthus – need to make a decision but just can’t seem to make it?  Scleranthus can help you with certainty and decisiveness as well as spontaneity
  29. Star of Bethlehem – this is another one that would make a great addition to your first aid kit.  Star of Bethlehem  can help you deal with life-changing experiences and grief while fortifying your inner strength.
  30. Sweet Chestnut – a remedy for people struggling with hopelessness and despair.  Sweet Chestnut can help you regain your hope and a clear mind.
  31. Vervain – have you lost your enthusiasm for life?  Vervain can help you feel more serenity, find wisdom, and be more tolerant of others.
  32. Vine – if your “bossy” side is coming out, you might need some Vine!  You will be able to regain your flexibility and share your opinions without dominating and intimidation.
  33. Walnut – for those with lots of change happening in life (especially if it’s from outside influence), walnut can help you move forward while holding on to the feeling constants.
  34. Water Violet – this is likely one we all could use after lockdowns!  Water Violet can help you reach out and connect with others, forming warm relationships.
  35. White Chestnut – as a mom, I know I have repetitive thoughts, especially worries.  White Chestnut can help calm your racing thoughts and regain your tranquility.
  36. Wild Oat – for those of us at a crossroad in life, Wild Oat can help you see the right path to take.  It provides inner clarity.
  37. Wild Rose – if you’ve noticed that you’ve lost interest and feel apathetic, Wild Rose can help you regain your enthusiasm and take initiative again.
  38. Willow – resentment can steal your joy and energy.  Willow can help you forgive and forget so you can take charge of your life and your joy.
  39. Rescue Remedy – this is what I use regularly.  It’s a blend of 5 essences specially chosen for hard times.  The 5 included are: Rock Rose (courage and presence of mind), Impatiens (patience and clarity in thought and action), Clematis (focus and interest in your surroundings), Star of Bethlehem (comfort and inner strength), Cherry Plum (inner calm and clear thinking).

Remember, you can create your own blends depending on how you (or your family!) are feeling and what is going on in your life.

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