About Us

About Us

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you to Sorta Crunchy Mama.

I'm Alexis - just a sorta crunchy wife and mom living in the southwestern United States.  Motherhood set me on a journey that I never expected.

It led me to, what I like to call, sorta crunchy living.

I didn't start out knowing anything about gentle parenting, but attachment parenting set me on the path of discovering and researching parenting methods.  I needed to follow my mama heart and I wanted to continue this loving and close relationship as my daughter grew.

Once I discovered gentle parenting, I knew that it was the right road for us!

I was caught up in this fast paced lifestyle that so many of us are on, but becoming a mom helped me reconnect to the slow living lifestyle.  Our children are amazing teachers who help us to see the beauty in the world around us if we can slow down long enough to pay attention.

Re-learning how to live in the moment is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and our children.

I was never that concerned with the personal care and household products I used until I had a baby who put everything in her mouth and crawled on the floors I had just mopped.  So I started looking for products that were non-toxic and closer to nature.

But I also didn't want to lose my mind constantly worrying about toxins - because they are everywhere and we have to find some level that we can accept.

I think many of us come to this path in motherhood and it can feel so overwhelming and lonely when you're choosing a more mindful way of living.

So that's what this site is here for!  This is a place for you to find encouragement, information, and a community of like-minded moms.


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