Awesome Eco-Friendly and Wooden Toys for Toddlers
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Awesome Eco-Friendly and Wooden Toys for Toddlers

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It isn’t always easy to find eco-friendly toys. You won’t usually find them in any of the big box stores or even in stores geared towards eco-friendly living. But green toys are out there and eco-friendly gifts in general are starting to become easier to find, especially online.

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Toys made of wood, organic cotton, and non-toxic dyes.  Whether you’re looking for wooden toys, educational toys, or musical toys for toddlers, this list will give you some great ideas for cool toddler toys that they’re gonna love!

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Wooden Rocker

This unique toy has so many different uses. Whether your child plays with this wooden rocker as a rocker or turns it over to create a slide, they’ll love the versatility of this wooden toy. Let your kid use their imagination to decide what this fun toy can be – a doll bed, puppet stage, step stool, seesaw, or tunnel.

Building Blocks

Your kids will have hours of creative fun with this set of colorful wooden building blocks. With 100 blocks in four colors and nine shapes, the possibilities are endless! Your children’s imagination can run wild with this classic educational toy.

Train and Tracks

This adorable wooden train set will have your kids occupied for hours. They’ll enjoy setting up the train tracks just as much as they’ll love pulling the train around their creation. This full set includes engines, coach cars, zoo and farm animals, and freight cars, and fit perfectly with these wooden train tracks.

Fold & Go Doll House

With a set of two wooden play figures and 11 pieces of wooden furniture, this cute fold and go dollhouse looks like so much fun. Your child will love the portability of this adorable dollhouse, which also features a handle for easy transport.

Tea Set

Tea parties are so much fun!  Especially when you have a beautiful and sturdy set to play with.  This tea set even has wood tea bags!  Imagine all the fun your child can create with this lovely set.

Learning Tower and Desk

Ok, so technically this isn’t a toy.  But I couldn’t resist!  Learning towers are great for kids to help out in the kitchen and are so much safer than standing on a chair.  I especially like this one because it converts easily into a desk where they can draw, play, or eat.  We have this learning tower and desk and have used it multiple times every day.  This is definitely one of those unique toys for toddlers that you can’t find just anywhere!

Wooden Toddler Ride On Toy

Bikes help improve your child’s balance, motor skills, and core strength so it’s no wonder they’re such popular outdoor toys for toddlers. Many these days, however, are made of plastic and fall apart after just a few months of heavy use. A wooden bike is built to last and something to pass on to the next generation.


Forest Animal Memory Game

There’s no denying that memory games are important for children’s educational toys, but many of them are cheaply made containing harmful chemicals and they fall apart easily. These from Petit Collage are sturdier and made with recycled paper and non-toxic inks.  Want to build your child’s emotional intelligence?  Make sure to check out their feelings version memory game!

Silk Streamer

Toddlers love movement, color and open ended play.  These streamers are often used as Waldorf toys as well as Monetessori toys for toddlers.  Your toddler will love all the different ways these can be played with.   You’ll love that it’s sustainably made of real silk with a birch wood wand!

Wooden Construction Playset

This wooden construction playset is one of those great, interactive, toys for toddlers.  They learn the basics of how to use tools while constructing their own toys which could lead to a lifelong passion for working with their hands.  At the very least they will have a better understanding of building and construction!

Pretend Doctor Kit

I think almost all children go through a Doctor phase. When all they want to be when they grow up is a doctor and they go around looking in people’s ears and listening to their hearts.  Role playing is great for enhancing imagination and reasoning skills.  This can also help toddlers feel more comfortable at their own doctor appointments.  Unlike the plastic version, children’s wooden toys are much more durable especially when used in imaginative play like a doctor kit.

Shore Buddies Stuffed Animal

If your toddler loves stuffed animals, Sammy the Seal is going to be a huge hit!  It even makes an authentic seal sound recorded by a marine biologist.  The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and the company donates $1 from every purchase to a non-profit that shares their mission of keeping plastics out of the ocean.

Pounder and Xylophone

What toddler doesn’t love to pound on something?  Give them a toy to channel that pounding energy while developing hand-eye coordination at the same time.  This award winning musical pounding toy includes a slide out xylophone for unending pounding and musical possibilities!

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