The Best Car Diffusers {Essential Oil Diffusers for Cars}
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The Best Car Diffusers {Essential Oil Diffusers for Cars}

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When I first started moving towards natural products, getting rid of the air fresheners that were filled with perfumes and toxic chemicals was one of the first things I did in our home (you can read about natural nursery fresheners here).

One of the best ways to get your home smelling wonderful in a natural way is by diffusing essential oils.

But what about the car?

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Now as my kids have gotten a little older, the car has had some – uh – interesting smells!

There was the time I forgot a diaper in the back for a few days…and let’s not forget the baby spit ups and dropped snacks that have all been hanging out under and between the seats.

Now, cleaning the car is one thing, but having a fresh smelling car doesn’t necessarily happen after!

So I started wondering about natural ways to get a fresh scent in the car and there are actually quite a few options (besides those nasty little hanging trees a car wash gives you – they always leave me with a headache!).

(As a reminder, not all essential oils are safe to use around children and we recommend not using any oils around babies under 6 months.  For a list of safe and not safe oils for kids, see this post.)

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There are specific essential oil car diffusers

I admit that I never really thought about a diffuser in cars, but there are some really great options for a car diffuser for essential oils.  Some are also car humidifiers and mist diffusers while others are waterless diffusers.

No matter what kind you choose, all of them can give you a great car aromatherapy experience.  Goodbye stress of traffic and the school/activity pick up line!

There are lots of car diffusers on Amazon so let’s take a look at the best car diffusers for essential oils!

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers for Cars

First you’ll need to decide what kind of car diffuser is going to work best for you.

There are portable diffusers that fit in a cup holder and can do double duty as a car air diffuser as well as a travel essential oil diffuser.

Maybe an essential oil diffuser plug in would be more convenient.  There are usb diffuser plug ins or small diffusers that can plug into your 12v outlet.

There are also car vent diffusers that clip onto your vents or hanging diffusers.  These options are usually waterless diffusers and also are usually small diffusers.

How Much Are Car Diffusers?

There’s a wide range of prices for diffusers, but no matter your budget you’ll be able to find something!  There are cheap diffusers for only a few dollars all the way up to luxury car diffusers for several hundred dollars.

Most of the Amazon diffusers are reasonably priced and you can buy diffusers for less than a meal out.

In the end, the best essential oil car diffuser for you is going to be one that fits in your budget, and makes driving enjoyable.  There are lots of good diffusers and hopefully our top diffusers have given you some pretty diffusers to choose from that also make your car fresh (because, why not be pretty AND smell good!).

Our Top Diffusers Choice

Our Top Overall Pick

Reviewers love that this diffuser is heatless and waterless, they also love that it’s battery operated so no need to plug in and that it’s so quiet.  Price is also a big plus as finding a similar product would usually be much more

What do they not love?  The bottle only holds 10 ml of oil, some reviewers have had issues with the battery holding a charge after a while, and have complained that the battery life isn’t long enough.

Our Top Luxury Car Diffuser

Like the OminiHome, this unit is rechargeable, wireless, waterless and heatless.  It’s also plastic free!

What do reviewers love about it?  The size and that it is a glass nebulizing diffuser.

What do reviewers dislike?  Well, the main complaints are that it’s noisy, doesn’t hold much oil so the scent isn’t strong enough.

With the higher price point you do get a 1 year warranty!

Our Top Budget Car Diffuser

You get two vent clip lockets in this pack as well as 12 felt pads!  Price-wise, you just can’t beat these.

Reviewers love the beautiful look of these, the price, and how well-made the lockets are.  What they don’t love is how much essential oil is needed to be able to smell them!


Any of these diffusers would be a great addition to your car!  So pick the one that will work best in your space and your budget and have a more natural car with these essential oil car diffusers.


Also, don’t forget the essential oil for your car freshener!  See my favorite set here: See Current Price

Alexis is a wife and mom on a journey of gentle parenting, slow living, and lower toxicity in a laid back way.

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