Eco-Friendly Products for a Green Clean
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Eco-Friendly Products for a Green Clean

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As the world embraces more eco-friendly lifestyles we’re looking for new ways to do many of the same things we’ve always been doing. That includes home cleaning. Buying environment-friendly soaps is a great start, but if you’re using traditional house cleaning utensils you’ve found your next step to green living!  Thankfully eco-friendly cleaning supplies are becoming more popular and there are lots of options available.

Cleaning products are notorious for having nasty chemicals that don’t break down and are bad for our families and the earth.  Make sure you check out our post Cleaning with Natural Products and Organic Cleaners for lots of options for natural cleaning products and non-toxic cleaning supplies.  We found some great options for clean and green, eco-friendly cleaning products for you there and this post will get you started on green cleaning tools!

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Bamboo Brush Set for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning (check current price here)

Many brushes, even those with wooden handles come with plastic bristles and you never know what the handle has been treated with. Thankfully you can get brushes that are entirely bamboo or use a mix of bamboo and metal. Bamboo is popular because it is a renewable resource that grows quickly and doesn’t require any nasty chemicals to produce. When you’re searching for bamboo brushes online it can be a bit of a challenge because so many of them use plastic in them. Here’s one that is plastic and animal free.


Ecologically Clean Sponges (check current price here)

Sponges are another massive danger zone when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning. They’re often made from artificial products that are quite harmful to the environment. Twist has made some sponges that buck that trend with all natural plant-based materials that are free from chemicals and added colors. They are in fact made from cactus and can even be thrown in the dishwasher to prolong their lives. Once they aren’t usable anymore you can also put them in your family compost.


Scour Pads for Earth Friendly Cleaning (check current price here)

Twist also make a scour pad that is specifically for those more difficult washing jobs. Just like their sponges, they’re made from cactus with no chemicals or added colors. They can also be thrown into your compost when they aren’t useful anymore. But, the transition from plastic scrubbers to these eco-friendly ones do take a bit of adjustment. The Twist scour pads don’t have as long of a life as the plastic ones. But we think the pros outweigh the cons for green house cleaning.


Organic Dish Cloth (check current price here)

Replace your paper towels with an organic cotton dishcloth. You’ll find so many uses for them around the house beyond cleaning that you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner. These from Full Circle are long lasting and can even be used as an alternative to a sponge if you prefer more natural house cleaning supplies.


Veggie Brush (check current price here)

If you have your own garden then you know how important it is to have a veggie brush to get all that dirt off before you cook. Many brushes are made of plastic from handle to bristle though. Full Circle has a fantastic ergonomic vegetable cleaning brush. You can, of course, use them to scrub in tough to reach places around your house too. We just don’t recommend using the same one for both.


Brush and Dustpan (check current price here)

Greener Cleaner has a brush and dustpan combo that is made out of recycled plastic and wood pulp. They’re sturdy and can even be thrown in the dishwasher when they need a bit of a cleaning. They’re a great, long-lasting alternative to the cheap plastic ones you’ll find in stores today.  Talk about eco-friendly cleaning products!


Trash Bags (check current price here)

When it comes to trash bags you will find an endless amount that claim to be eco-friendly and natural green products that really aren’t.  Some are more green than others. These from If You Care are certified compostable and made from 97% post-consumer content. They’re extra sturdy and come with handles to make tying them closed easy.


(check out current price here

Hippo Sak also makes a fantastic plant-based bag that is made from Sugar Cane in the USA and it’s 100% recyclable. They also have a reinforced bottom so you don’t have to worry about the bottom tearing out.


Gloves (check current price here)

It’s easy to overlook gloves when you’re buying green cleaning supplies and finding eco-friendly ones is a massive challenge. Thankfully If You Care has our back once again. These 100% natural latex gloves are reusable and can be used in cleaning or even in the garden.


Spray Bottles (check current price here)

Having a collection of glass spray bottles is vital if you’re going to be making your own natural home cleaning products. While clear ones are great they don’t offer any UV protection which can be important for some of the things you might make. Getting a combination of sizes and colors is a great way to make sure you have all your bases covered.

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Tell us in the comments what supplies you plan on replacing and don’t forget to pin for later!

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