Natural Christmas Decorations and Decorating with Natural Materials
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Natural Christmas Decorations

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There’s nothing quite like using nature to decorate for Christmas. It puts you in touch with the natural world, it’s great for the environment, and it smells fantastic.

So whether you’re looking for green Christmas decorations, natural decoration ideas as alternatives to the cheap plastic decorations you find in stores, or you just like the natural life rustic farmhouse feel, here are some amazing ideas for how you can use nature as Christmas decoration material!

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Christmas Greenery Decoration

Poinsettias are, without a doubt, the most popular live plant to decorate with during the holidays followed closely by using a natural Christmas tree.  These are poisonous, so make sure to keep them away from kids and pets.

But you can find lots of options for Christmas foliage decorations.  Everything from dwarf pine trees to Christmas Sleigh Aloe for your home (greenery makes for beautiful natural table decorations!). You can even find cacti that bloom at Christmas time.

If you want live plant, natural Christmas tree ornaments, get some clear baubles and air plants. They don’t need any soil or anything more than a light misting to stay alive.

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Woodland Christmas Decor

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere you can get pinecones then you have one of the best sustainable Christmas decorations (not to mention free!).

You can stack them up to make Christmas trees, you can glue them together to make natural Christmas ornaments, attach to other greenery for gorgeous banister Christmas decorations, you can even just put a pile of them in an old metal bucket for a rustic look.

Pinecones are naturally gorgeous and come in a variety of sizes. Some trees have pinecones half the size of your thumb while others can get up to 15 inches long and weigh 11 pounds!

Pine cones used with pine needles and candles make a great centerpiece for any room. They can be arranged on top of mantles or in the middle of tables.

While you’re out getting the pinecones, look for twigs to make beautiful and rustic twig Christmas decorations (need some inspiration?  Check out these ideas).



Cinnamon isn’t just for making food delicious you can also use it to look like little twigs in your inside Christmas decorations or use it to make a room smell like delicious cinnamon.

Wrap cinnamon sticks around a candle to get the sticks to release their oils and the wonderful cinnamon scent. But keep in mind that cinnamon is delicious and you’ll find yourself wanting cinnamon pastry or cookies every single time.

The sticks can also be tied together to make natural Christmas tree decorations. They’ll still have a very gentle cinnamon scent though it might get overpowered by the pine from your live tree.

Plant Cuttings

You don’t have to stick with the traditional pine or cinnamon to make your Christmas decoration things. Rosemary looks gorgeous as a wreath. People might even confuse it for pine until they get up close and smell it.

Look for plants with dark green colors like ferns, juniper, bay leaf, or silver dollar eucalyptus. These can also look great bunched up with ribbon and lights on your stairs for natural railing Christmas decorations.



Make your own garland with slices of oranges and lemons. Or, if you prefer, you can make ornaments with a few slices of dried oranges, some cinnamon sticks, and ribbon.

Dried fruit makes excellent decoration around the house but you don’t have to limit yourself to dried fruit. Smaller citrus fruits with whole cloves pressed into them make a fantastic ornament for your tree.  Find out how to make your own here.

Or you can use larger oranges and grapefruit with the cloves in a tabletop display. But if you do have it resting on a surface make sure to rotate them from time to time so they don’t go soft.

Berries also make lovely additions to your greenery.  Look for cranberries to add to your centerpieces (they look amazing in a glass vase) or you can string them onto a garland to wrap through greenery.

Holly berries are very traditional but be aware that they are poisonous so you may want to stick with cranberries for your Christmas berries decorations.



Wood is without a doubt the most versatile thing to decorate with during any season. But I like to think Winter is when it really shines.

You can use bark to wrap around a candle and give it a more rustic look. Stack up logs to look like a Christmas tree. If you have two long sticks prop them up against a wall and hang lights between them to make a Christmas tree.  Even just some wood logs by the fireplace can make your home feel like a cozy Christmas retreat.

Tell me in the comments how natural items give your Christmas decoration inspiration!

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