Spring Names {Spring Baby Names with Meanings}
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Spring Names {Spring Baby Names with Meanings}

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Choosing the perfect baby name for your little one is daunting for a lot of parents.  But if you’re having a baby in the spring, or spring is your favorite season, you’re gonna want to consider names meaning spring!  Names that mean spring can bring the light-hearted and promising feel to your baby’s name – no matter their gender.


Spring Names for Girls

Girl names and names for spring go hand in hand.  There are so many options with spring flowers names, other names for spring, and beautiful spring theme names.  Let’s get started with the names and meaning of the names!

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Girl Names Meaning Spring

Primavera – this Spanish girl’s name means springtime and has so many nickname possibilities.  This would be a great spring girl names!

Aviva – a Hebrew name meaning springlike, fresh, or dewy.

Cerelia – this Latin girl’s name means relating to springtime.

Haruko – a Japanese origin girl’s name that means born in spring.

Rabia – an Arabic name for a girl meaning spring

Vesna – this Slavic girl’s name means spring

Verna – A Latin origin name meaning springtime

Spring Flower Girl Names

The name of spring flowers make lovely baby names for a spring baby girl! Spring flowers with names like Zinnia and Azalea will be unusual names for spring but still have a bit of classic charm!

Iris – the actual meaning of Iris is Greek for rainbow (another spring theme!) after the Greek goddess of the rainbow.  Iris flowers bloom in late spring to early summer.

Jasmine – this is a Persian origin name that means gift from God.  Jasmine blooms in late winter and throughout the spring.

Violet – meaning purple in Latin and is one of the currently more popular baby names of spring flowers.  Violets bloom in late winter and throughout the spring, the leaves and flowers are both edible! 

Clover – this old English name actually means key.  Clovers are usually associated with good luck, just the thing for a lucky little girl!  Clover usually blooms in early spring and throughout the summer.

Marigold – here’s another English name!  This one means golden flower.  Marigolds bloom in late spring and early summer.

Amaryllis – a Greek name meaning to sparkle.  This might seem like an unusual choice, but it actually was common in Greek poetry!  Amaryllis blooms in spring and sometimes again in the fall.

Azalea – this is an English origin name for the flower.  This is a newer name that never even existed (as a name) until 2012!  Azalea blooms in early spring.

Tulip – this Persian origin name means turban.  Tulips bloom throughout the spring.

Zinnia – this is a German origin name meaning Zinn’s flower after the German botanist.  The Zinnia flower represents remembrance which could be a beautiful tribute name to someone lost.  Zinnias bloom in early spring and continue through the fall.

Jacinta – this is a Spanish name meaning Hyacinth.  Hyacinth flowers bloom in early to mid spring.

Leilani – a Hawaiian girl’s name, this means a heavenly flower in Hawaiian.  It can also mean royal child — perfect for a little princess!

Marguerite – this French spring name’s meaning is pearl or daisy.

Capucine – a French girl’s name meaning cowled monk, it’s also the French word for nasturtiums which bloom spring through fall.

Unisex Spring Names

Sometimes you just want a name that

Neo – meaning new or gift, in Latin it means new and in the African language of Tswana, it means gift.

Nouvel – means new in French and could work for a boy or girl.

Verdi/Verde – means green in Italian and Spanish.

Arbor –  this is a spring trees names that could definitely work for a boy or a girl and isn’t one you’ll hear often!

Forest – this is a French name meaning woods or woodsman.  It’s more likely to be a boys name but could also work as one of those unique baby girl spring names

Haru – a Japanese name meaning born in the spring or clear weather.  This is one of those names associated with spring that could work for boys or girls

Rain – this is a common weather pattern in the spring – spring showers and all.  This one could work for boys or girls as a first or middle name

Sage – an herb name meaning wise in Latin this could work for either gender but is most often used for girls

Springtime Names for Boys

Boy names for the spring season aren’t quite so obvious as the girl names (hello spring flowers!), but there are actually lots of great boy names for spring!  So if you are expecting a boy in the spring or are a spring lover you definitely want to check these out.

Boy Names for Spring

Florian – a Latin origin name that means flowering

Leif – this is a Scandinavian name meaning heir – it could also be spelled Leaf

Ostadar – this Basque name means rainbow and would be a unique springtime name

Zenebe – an African Amharic origin name that means raining

Haruki – a Japanese boy’s name that means spring child.  It’s one of the few boy names meaning spring

Vasant – this Sanskrit name also means spring and might just make your short list for boy names that mean spring

Newland – an English name meaning new land which is exactly what happens in the spring – the land becomes new

Aviv – a Hebrew origin name meaning springtime, freshness, or youth.  It can be made a girl’s name with an a at the end (Aviva) or shortened to Avi for a great boy’s nickname

Jarek – this Slavic name of Polish origin means spring pronounced (YAHR-ek).  The k at the end makes this an interesting alternative to the common name of Jared.

Pascal – a French and English name, this means of the Passover or Easter perfect for a boy born at Easter

Robin –  this English name for a springtime bird means bright fame

Names for Spring Babies

Hopefully this list of spring names and baby names with spring meaning will give you lots of ideas for names associated with spring.  Whether you have a baby born in the spring or just find spring to be an inspiring time of year, baby names with spring meanings are sure to bring a smile all through the year!

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