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There are so many wonderful and effective natural solutions for teething!
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Brilliant Natural Teething Remedies Every Mom Needs

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Even before you become a parent you hear the dreaded T-word: TEETHING.

Then you have your own child.

And you realize just how awful it REALLY is.

As miserable as you are dealing with your suffering baby (and yes, teething does start that early in case you’re still in the non-parent camp) it’s so much worse knowing that they are in so much pain!  That’s why I am sharing some of my favorite Natural Teething Remedies with you.

We all hate to see our children in pain.  It cuts us to the core.

But, if you’re working on providing a more natural living for your little one, what options do you have to help them?

Brilliant Natural Teething Remedies Every Mom Needs

Sure, you could give Tylenol (or Advil depending on the age of your little one) but these are powerful medicines that work on the entire body.

Teething takes a long time and if you aren’t wanting to constantly be dosing your little one with these types of medications you need some natural options in your mamma tool belt!

Well, I’ve found a bunch of natural teething remedies for you so keep on reading for a whole list of them!

Now, this may take some trial and error, because each child is different and each tooth that comes in is different.

So, like all parenting, try to be flexible and adjust.

Check out these Natural Teething Remedies that actually work for relieving the pain that comes with teething.

What worked last time they were cutting a tooth may need some tweaking or you may need to try multiple things to get them comfortable.

Ok, let’s jump in!

Natural Teething Remedies using Homeopathy

Homeopathy is probably my favorite natural teething remedy that I’ve tried so far.  It works so well that I rarely have to try something else.  There are a few options when it comes to helping teething pain with homeopathy.

  • You can buy Camilia drops online or at a local pharmacy (our local Pharmaca carries them) if you want the ease of not having to figure out exactly what remedy to give, your baby has multiple teething issues besides just the mouth discomfort, and you want an easy way to give the remedy (they come in pre-measured plastic vials).  These worked fairly well for us.

  • You can use an online remedy finder to pinpoint the exact remedy for your baby and then give them a dose of that.  This ended up working the best for us.  TIP: Chamomilla is a basic teething remedy (got the red cheeks?  Classic Chamomilla!).

Flower Essences Natural Teething Remedies

I actually like to give the Bach’s Kids Rescue Remedy as a compliment to the homeopathic remedy.  There are just some times where the homeopathy takes the edge off but you need a little more help.  The rescue remedy has worked great for any sort of stressful situation, including teething.  If you want to dive deeper into flower essences, there are 38 that you can (like homeopathy) research to find the best one.  The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy is the most comprehensive book about flower essences.

Rescue Remedy is a great mix if you don’t have the time (or energy!) to research.  Our local Pharmaca and Sprouts sell this or you can find it online.  The kids version does not have any alcohol (the original uses brandy).

Amber Teething Necklaces/Bracelets as Natural Teething Remedies

Ok, so this is one that we haven’t tried (the previous 2 have always worked well enough).  I know many mamas who do use these for their littles and swear by them.  I wasn’t quite sure how they worked but in researching for this post I found it really interesting!  Basically, when the amber heats up from your child’s body temperature, it releases oils including succinic acid.  The acid relieves the pain as the skin absorbs it.  Amber teething necklaces or bracelets should only be worn while the little is awake for safety reasons.

Essential Oils as Natural Teething Remedies

There are specific essential oils that can help your little one with their discomfort (chamomile comes to mind).   Or there are general, relaxing, oils such as lavender that can help calm and soothe their emotions.  Essential oils are powerful and need to be diluted before using.   Do some research or ask a specialist how best to use them.

The Hippy Homemaker has a great blog post on using essential oils for teething and I definitely recommend her book Essential Oils for Mama & Baby (I love that she doesn’t recommend specific essential oil brands!).

Teethers as Natural Teething Remedies

Sometimes the littles just need something good to chew on!  There are so many options when it comes to teethers.  There are natural wood teethers, teething necklaces (for mom to wear), and more.  Try putting a wet washcloth in the refrigerator to get it cold for chewing.  Each child will have their own preferences for what types of teethers feel best to them.  It also changes depending on where the tooth is coming in.  Offer a variety and see what they like.

Bonus Tip for Teething Babies:

No matter what method (or methods) you decide to try, know that this is a very difficult experience for your baby.  They are likely going to be clingier, grumpier, and harder to please.

Your little one isn’t doing this to try your patience or make your life difficult.  They really just don’t feel good.  And aren’t we all a bit irritable when we don’t feel well?  Add on to that a lack of understanding and it’s the perfect storm of misery.

Your baby may want to be held constantly (check out our post on Getting Things Done With Your Baby for tips on how to deal with this), may want to nurse more if you’re breastfeeding (struggling with nursing?  Check out our 6 Tips for Breastfeeding Success), and just need more love and care during this time.

I promise that teething does end at some point and it won’t always be like this.  Hopefully, these natural teething remedies have given you a few ideas of natural remedies to try.

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Alexis is a wife and mom on a journey of gentle parenting, slow living, and lower toxicity in a laid back way.

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