The Ultimate Guide to the Best Organic Crib Mattresses
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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Organic Crib Mattresses

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Finding the best organic crib mattress may not be at the top of mind for every parent when they’re picking out their nursery items, but it’s where your baby is going to be spending a large amount of time for their first few years.  Because of this, finding the best organic crib mattresses and then choosing the best mattress for your baby’s crib is more important than a lot of parents realize.

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Why is the best crib mattress organic?

When you think of organic food, you most likely think of food that’s cleaner, healthier and grown in a way that is better for the earth.  Well, crib mattresses are the same!  

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Organic crib mattresses are made with natural materials (think cotton, wool, and latex) that are grown and processed without harmful chemicals.  This includes pesticides, fertilizers, fire retardants, and other chemicals.  

When you buy a certified organic product in the US, you know that it has met the standards of the Organic Food Production Act of 1990.  

Well, for textiles (like mattresses!) there is the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) that regulates textile and latex processing standards.  

When you purchase a certified GOTS/GOLS product, you know you’re getting a completely organic mattress and the very best out there!

So why is this so important for our crib mattresses?  

Babies’ developing organs and brain are very sensitive to chemicals .  


And that lovely baby skin?  

Yeah, it more easily absorbs whatever it comes in contact with. 

 When you think about how much time your baby will spend in their crib, you’re going to want it to be one of the best organic crib mattresses available.

You also will be getting the very best non-toxic crib mattress that won’t have off-gassing (ya know, that nasty chemical smell when something is new).  

I don’t think anyone wants their baby breathing that in!

I know that sometimes it will give me a headache, and I definitely wouldn’t want any little ones exposed to it.

Basically, the most natural crib mattress you can buy (and the safest as far as chemicals go) is an organic one. 

But finding a fully organic crib mattress is harder than I realized!

There’s so much green washing and products that say organic but aren’t a fully organic product, which s why I did the hard work for you to find the best ones out there!

The Best Organic Crib Mattresses Comparison Guide

When looking to purchase the best organic crib mattress for your baby, I recommend checking out the comparison chart to better understand the different types of mattresses so you can choose which one is best for your family and budget.

Then check out the reviews to make your final decision!

Organic Crib Mattress Comparison Chart

The top rated crib mattress when you do an online search may not have all the features you want for your organic crib.

That’s why I’ve put together this comparison chart!

The following table has our top rated crib mattresses with information regarding the different types, price range, etc. You can then read more about these baby crib mattresses as well as where to buy crib mattresses in our reviews below.

The Best Organic Crib Mattresses

Crib MattressShop NowMade ofCertificationsTwo-Stage?Number of CoilsWaterproof?WarrantyTrial?WeightSee Current PricePrice Range
Naturepedic Breathable Crib MattressShop Now Organic Cotton, non-GMO SugarcaneGOTS, GOLS, Greenguard Gold, Made-Safe, PETA, Organic Content StandardYesLightweight or 252 coilsYesLifetime limited30 daysLightweight: 14 pounds
Innerspring: 19 pounds
See Current Pricing $$$-$$$$
Naturepedic Breathable Ultra Crib MattressShop NowOrganic Cotton, non-GMO SugarcaneGOTS, GOLS, Greenguard Gold, Made-Safe, PETA, Organic Content StandardYesLightweight or 252 coilsYesLifetime limited30 daysLightweight: 14 pounds
Innerspring: 19 pounds
See Current Pricing$$$-$$$$
Avocado Green Crib MattressShop Now Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Organic Latex, coconut fiberGOTS, GOLS, Greenguard Gold, Made Safe, Climate NeutralYesnoneNo25 year limited30 days28 poundsSee Current Pricing $$-$$$
Avocado Luxury Organic Crib MattressShop NowOrganic Cotton, Organic Wool, Organic Latex, organic coconut fiber, organic flaxGOTS, GOLS, Greenguard Gold, Made Safe, Climate NeutralYes170No25 year limited30 days36 poundsSee Current Pricing$$$$$+
Emily Crib MattressShop NowOrganic Cotton, Organic Wool, Organic coconut coirGOLS, GOTS, Greenguard Gold, Oeko-Tex, Carbon NeutralNo150No10 year limited120 nights15 pounds 6 ouncesSee Current Pricing$$-$$$

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

The Naturepedic Breathable Organic Crib Mattress is my top pick for recommended crib mattresses.

Check Current Price

I like this specific one the best because I feel like, as their mid-grade option, you get the best bang for your buck.

This mattress comes with the higher coil count which means better body support for your baby and will help the mattress last longer.

This mattress also comes standard with a toddler and infant side (this is an upgrade in the Classic Crib Mattress – See Current Price Here).

I also love that this mattress comes with a washable cover with waterproof backing because babies are messy! The Classic Crib Mattress means you’d be buying this separately (Naturepedic does recommend getting an extraSee Current Price Here so you can have one in the wash and one on the mattress).

You could upgrade to the Breathable Ultra (See Current Price Here) which comes with a thicker, quilted, and designer fabric breathable surface, but I felt that these were extras that didn’t really improve performance enough to recommend spending the extra money (unless you really want to!).

Why Naturepedic for the best baby crib mattresses?

Naturepedic crib mattresses are made with GOTS organic cotton inside and out, has a waterproof coating made of non-GMO sugarcane and meets food contact standards, has a toddler and infant side for long term use, and has either 252 coil innerspring or their lightweight wavesupport core.

Naturepedic has a ton of certifications and the organic cotton used is grown and USDA certified organic in the US. Their materials and factory are certified as well as the entire mattress!

What’s just as important as what’s in the mattress is what’s not in the mattress.

Naturepedic uses no flame retardant chemicals or barriers and still passes all flammability requirements.

You also just can’t beat their lifetime limited warranty!

Whether you plan on using this for many babies or just through the toddler bed years, when you’re spending more for a crib mattress you want to know that it’s gonna last.

Check Current Price and Availability Here

Avocado Green Crib Mattress

The Avocado Green Crib Mattress is also a great option for a healthy crib mattress.

Check Current Price Here

It’s a bit lower priced than the Naturepedic but sill offers lots of certifications.

This mattress is made of GOTS organic cotton, GOLS organic latex, and GOTS organic wool. Instead of coils, this crib mattress has a GOLS organic coconut husk fiber pad.

Their latex and cotton are grown in their co-owned farms located in India and the mattress is made in their certified Los Angeles factory.

The Green Crib Mattress is also a dual-stage mattress with an infant and toddler side.

This mattress doesn’t come with a waterproof mattress pad and their mattress protectors are moisture-resistant but not waterproof.

This one just missed the top spot because of the lower warranty (25 years limited), no waterproofing, no coils, and it’s quite a bit heavier than the Naturepedic.

Their Luxury Organic Crib Mattress (See Current Price Here) is another option if you want to spend quite a bit more. This one comes with 170 cotton-wrapped coils which are hand-sewn into the mattress.

Check Current Price and Availability for the Avocado Green Crib Mattress

The Emily Crib Mattress

The Emily Crib Mattress (See Current Price Here) from My Green Mattress is an affordable option.

This crib mattress comes with the longest trial period and the shortest warranty. It also has the lowest number of coils among our recommended mattresses with coils.

This may not be an issue if you are only planning on using the mattress for 1 or maybe 2 children.

This mattress is not available in a dual-stage which just means you would have a firm surface for an infant for the entire use of the mattress. I did find with my first that once she got to about 18 months she preferred the softer toddler side of her mattress. So this may or may not be an issue for you if you plan to use it through toddlerhood.

The mattress is made with GOTS organic cotton, GOTS organic wool, and GOLS organic coconut coir pad.

Check Current Price and Availability Here

Types of Mattresses

There are several different types of crib mattresses. How much are crib mattresses and which one is best for your budget? The material used and certifications for the mattress will affect the pricing. Many of our recommended crib mattresses use a combination of materials.

Organic Latex Crib Mattresses

Latex mattresses are becoming more and more popular and can be one of the best natural crib mattresses. Latex comes from rubber trees and is natural as well as biodegradable.

If you get a 100% natural latex mattress, there is no off-gassing (but there might be a rubber smell from the natural latex). Latex is great for those who sleep hot as it doesn’t hold heat and has better air circulation.

You’ll want to look for a Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification mattress to ensure you’re getting a chemical free, natural product.

Organic Cotton Crib Mattresses

Cotton is one of the most heavily fertilized crops and also uses some of the most toxic pesticides. This is not only hard on our environment, it’s also hard on our bodies.

There used to be an advertisement for cotton calling it “the fabric of our lives” and it’s so true. So much of what we come in contact with every day is made from cotton, and our crib mattresses are the same! Cotton and wool (we’ll get to that in a minute!) are the most commonly used products in mattresses.

Cotton makes for soft crib mattresses and cotton is a natural way to make breathable crib mattresses that allow for cooler sleeping.

If you’re looking at eco-friendly cribs you definitely want to include an organic cotton mattress! Like the latex mattresses, you’ll want to look for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifications.

Many companies will advertise as organic cotton or say it’s USDA organic but it’s really just the topper rather than the full mattress. Make sure you’re checking that the whole mattress is organic!

Organic Wool Crib Mattress

Wool is naturally breathable, flame resistant (yay for no flame retardants needed!), naturally biodegradable and renewable.

Wool will keep your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool is also very breathable so it wicks away moisture and resists mildew – great especially if you live in a high humidity place.

You’ll want to look for Global Organic Textile Standard certification for this one too. Also look for Responsible Wool Standard certification to ensure sheep and land use welfare.

Eco-Friendly Crib Mattress

Let’s be real for a moment. We may all want the best crib mattresses for our babies, but it may just not be in your budget right now. I totally get that.

The truth is, that when I was looking at crib mattresses for my first I really didn’t think too much about this. I wish now that I had taken more time to understand why an organic baby crib mattress was so important, but I was much less crunchy back then.

So, if you just can’t swing an organic mattress for your crib, then there are some eco-friendly options for cribs that you’ll want to consider.

These obviously aren’t quite as good as an all organic option, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can look for lower toxin products.

You’ll want to look for Greenguard Gold Certified mattresses. The Greenguard Gold certifications means that there will be lower emissions from the mattress. This is a third party certification so more trustworthy as they have nothing to gain by certifying a product.

Greenguard Gold does not look at heavy metals, PVC, phthalates, or consider production or supply chain. If any of those are high on your list of musts, you’ll want an organic mattress.

You can learn more about the different certifications and the greenwashing that happens here.

Which organic non-toxic crib mattress is right for you?

It can seem overwhelming when you first start looking for the best organic crib mattress, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list!

Find which features are most important, decide on your budget, and then pick the best one for your baby.

So, what mattress will you be using in your nursery?

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Alexis is a wife and mom on a journey of gentle parenting, slow living, and lower toxicity in a laid back way.

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