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Why I Don’t Mind When My Baby Wakes up Crying

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One of the top questions everyone loves to ask a mom with a new baby is: “How is Baby sleeping for you?  Are they sleeping through the night?”

This question may send you into a panic if your baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet.

This is especially true if the question comes from your pediatrician.

At nearly 8 months into this parenting gig, my baby (usually) doesn’t sleep through the night.

Surprisingly, I’m more than ok with it.  In fact, when my baby wakes up crying, it is expected, and I really don’t mind at all.

My own acceptance that this is natural and normal was a huge mindset shift, but made all the difference in my attitude toward nighttime mothering.

Let me tell you why and maybe help you feel better about your baby’s sleeping habits.

Pin for later!One Mom's Perspective on Infant Sleep (and lack of it!). If your child doesn't sleep through the night, you're not alone! When my baby wakes up crying, I don't mind waking up to comfort her, and this tells why.

Why I Don’t Mind Getting Up When My Baby Wakes up Crying

1.  Breastfeeding benefits

I breastfeed and those night time feedings help to keep my supply up.  It’s also great for getting more calories in my little one who can sometimes be too distracted or busy during the day to drink enough.  With solids being such a minimal part of a baby’s diet at this age, calories and nutrition from breast milk or formula are still crucial.  Bonus for me: night feedings have kept my monthly cycle from returning!

2. Nurturing

Babies wake up at night for many different reasons.  Being there to comfort my baby helps to increase our bond.  There’s something about being up in the middle of the night when the rest of the world is asleep that allows me to focus on really seeing and enjoying my baby’s babyhood.  I’ve found nothing sweeter than to watch my baby sleep peacefully in my arms.  When my baby wakes up crying, I know it’s my time to nurture her and make her know how special she is to me.

3.  It won’t last forever 

On those really rough nights (and even the easy ones) I remind myself that life won’t always be like this.  Someday (probably sooner than I think), my baby won’t be a baby anymore.  I won’t be needed in the middle of the night by a baby or child.  And, someday, I’m going to miss this!  I don’t want to wish away the moments that will be over and the memories of this short time period.

I want to remember all these moments of soft baby breaths and soft baby skin, big baby cheeks and little baby hands.  They are only little for a short time and we are only needed so much for a little while in our lives.  I want to be sure to enjoy being needed this much before it’s over.

I know that disrupted sleep is exhausting but do you find a way to enjoy your late night wake ups?  Are you like me who does not mind when my baby wakes up crying?

Want to learn more about infant sleep?  Sweet Sleep by La Leche League or The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding are great places to start!

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Alexis is a wife and mom on a journey of gentle parenting, slow living, and lower toxicity in a laid back way.


  • Sher

    Hi Alexis,
    You are so right – that special time passes by so quickly. As a mumma to a 7 & 5 year old, those nighttime feeds are long behind me, but I still need to comfort my little ones during the night after nightmares (or occasionally because my son has woken and wants to talk about Star Wars!). The broken sleeps might be hard to deal with, but the knowledge that they feel they can rely on me for anything makes it all worth it!

    • Mamma in Pearls

      Thanks for your comment, Sher! Being there for them at all times can definitely be so hard but so worth it! I’m glad to hear your perspective with older little ones.


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