Winter Names for Your Winter Baby (Winter Baby Names with Meanings)

Winter Names for Your Winter Baby (Winter Baby Names with Meanings)

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Popular baby names come and go, but names for winter babies can be especially fun!

Winter girl names and winter boy names can be old-fashioned baby names, or vintage baby names, or might be an uncommon baby name.

But no matter what, these cool baby names will never go out of style because your winter baby deserves an awesome winter name too!

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Baby Name Ideas for Winter Themed Names

So, some of these names might be considered weird baby names or uncommon – but names that aren’t heard often are becoming the norm, so don’t worry too much about picking an unusual name.


Baby names that mean winter

Gender neutral winter names:

Winter or Wynter – a gender neutral baby name meaning the season of winter

Girl names that mean winter:

Soyala – a girl’s name of Native American origins meaning Winter Solstice in the Hopi language

Fuyuko – a winter girl’s name from Japan meaning Winter and Child

Winterlynn – means Pretty Winter and is an American girl’s name combination of Winter and Lynn

Boy names that mean winter

Dong – a boy’s name from China meaning Winter and East

Baby names that mean snow

Gender neutral snow names:

Chanlyeya – this Native American name from the Onondaga Tribe means Drifted Snow and would be perfect for a winter baby

Nevada – meaning Snowfall or Snowstorm from Spanish would be an amazing name for a baby born in a snow storm!

Girl names that mean snow:

Eira – this Welsh name (pronounced AY-ruh) mean snow and is also one of the Norse baby names for the goddess Eir.  Other variations include Eirlys and Eirwyn.

Istas – a girl’s name from the Native American Cheyenne tribe that means snow.  This is also one of the baby nature names to add to your list of snow names!

Chione – this Greek name (pronounced Kee-oh-nay) is perfect for a little princess as it means Snow Queen.  This is also the snow goddess names in Greek mythology.

Boy names that mean snow

Haukea – a Hawaiian boy’s name that means White Snow.  This is definitely one of the winter baby boy names you won’t hear often!  It doesn’t even make the list of baby name rankings!

Whittaker – an English name meaning From the White Field which definitely makes you think of fields blanketed with snow.

Baby Christmas Names

Gender neutral names that mean Christmas:

Noel – a French name meaning Born on Christmas Day would be the perfect name for a born on Christmas baby!

Yule – this English name can mean Feast or Of Christmastime and is definitely one of those Christmas baby names you won’t hear often

Girl names that mean Christmas

Tasha – an English name that’s the short form of Natasha which means Born on Christmas Day.  This is one of those very cute Christmas names!

Holly – ok, so this English name doesn’t technically mean Christmas, but the Holly plant is most often associated with Christmas so if you’re looking for something that captures the spirit of Christmas this could be one of the perfect Christmas girl names for your baby!

Boy names that mean Christmas

Natal – a Spanish name that means Christmas

Natale – an Italian name meaning Christmas or Birthday.  Note – this may get confused with Natalie so something to definitely consider!

Christian – an English name meaning Follower of Christ

Baby names that mean white

Gender neutral names that mean white

Finnegan – An Irish origin name meaning White or Fair

Wynn – this Welsh name means Fair, White, and Blessed.  This is one of the short baby names that would be easy for a small child to learn and say!

Cadewyn – a Welsh name meaning White Battle.  Could this be a baby boy winter name for your little guy or a baby girl winter name on your short list?

Girl names that mean white

Bianca –  an Italian name meaning white, this is one of those old baby names that could make a comeback in popularity!

Fiona – this Scottish name could also be spelled Feona and means White or Fair.

Boy names that mean white

Gwyn – Welsh boy’s name meaning Fair, White, and Blessed.

Albas – this Polish name mean White, or Noble Elf.  It is the shortened version of Albertas or Albinas.

Scandinavian baby names

Sky – a gender neutral name this Nordic name was an Old Norse word meaning Cloud – so definitely one of the snow related names and even one of the winter storm names.  Could also be spelled Skyy, Skie, or Skai.

Zilpher – another gender neutral option this means Silver and was originally from a Scandinavian last name – but could be a perfect Christmas name for boys or girls

Jeneve – a girl’s Scandinavian name meaning Juniper berry.

Winter themed baby names

Frost – a gender neutral name of English origin meaning The Freezing of Water.

Ayaz – a Turkish boy’s name meaning Frosty

Ice – an American origin boy name meaning Frozen Water

Tacita – this girl’s name of Latin origin means silent – perfect on those silent, snowy nights!

Hopefully this list of good baby names for winter babies has given you some baby name inspiration!

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